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PETER BAREN. 18 May 2014, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam -UK- BOOKLAUNCH Monography available again
PETER BAREN Blind Dates With The History Of Mankind Performances 1980 – 2013

This monography has been made possible with the generous support of Mondriaan Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSBfonds, Harten Fonds, Publishing House De Zwaluw

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Book launch and performance: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, May 18 2014. Read more at:  PETER-BAREN 18 May 2014 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam -UK-BOOKLAUNCH

Below: Alex de Vries in conversation with Peter BarenDutch spoken. Interview duration: 22.48 mins. Including the screening of the video ARK [UNKNOWN PLEASURES] 2007, compiled from the Tel Aviv performances in 2005 and presentation of the first copy, with Dalstar.

The complete presentation can be visited in the category videos, dutch spoken.

An overview of more than thirty years of performances by Dutch artist Peter Baren. Video: Joeri Jansen

With many images in b/w and color, studies, scores. This first monography  contains insightful essays by Marga van Mechelen (lecturer history of art, University of Amsterdam), Alex de Vries (essayist and publisher of the monography) and an interview with the artist by Bart Rutten (current director Centraal Museum Utrecht / former Head of Collections, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam). Design: Jan Willem den Hartog [chapeau!] The edition is in English, 170 × 240 mm, 224 pages, softcover. Price € 25 /  $ 29 excluded package. Publisher: De Zwaluw, The Hague NL

For more information or to purchase a copy of the book, please send an email to: info@peterbaren.com / or contact Publishing house De Zwaluw, The Hague NL https://www.zwaluwkamer.nl/winkel or your local bookshop

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