cv 2021-1979 and full content of the monography 1980 – 2013


*1954. Lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and works on performances and other presentations:

Peter Baren acknowledges the following bodies for their support sofar: Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernhard Culture Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, VSB fonds, Hartenfonds, Fonds Kwadraat, The Netherland-America Foundation [NAF], Royal Netherlands Embassies and Consulates worldwide and those individuals who wish to remain anonymous.

The recent series BLIND DATES WITH THE HISTORY OF MANKIND [2013 – ongoing], as a multi-sensory work, searches for a common ground between sensual bewilderment and operational suffering, challenging the constructed nature of our ideas on progress, identity and memory, derived from our social, cultural circumstances and exceed territories.

link:       PETER BAREN full monography 1980 – 2013 BDWTHOM essays, texts, images and scores

At the bottom of this listing you can find a   LONG    BLIOGRAPHY      [2021 – 1979]


Due to the corona pandemic and the international lockdown several presentations are cancelled or postponed till further notice

[selected]        Performances and other presentations:        2021 – 2004  


15th ANNIVERSARY & EXHIBITION 2006-2014: WILD/ALIVE! Home of the Avant-Garde. Grace Exhibition Space, New York US. May 21, 2022 – September 17, 2021.
2nd NIEUWSTRAAT FESTIVAL. Dordrecht, NL.  The 2nd.  Nieuwstraat Festival took place on June 19, 2021, between sunrise and sunset.  Performances were carried out by volunteers, unannounced and without explanation.
Twelve Years: The Archives of Scene. UP-ON LIVE ART FESTIVAL. Video and several studies for  UP-ON Live Art Festival#7. Dates: 28 February 2021 – 22 November 2020


8th UP-ON International Live Art Festival. Chengdu, China
Due to the pandemic the international artists were presented with online performance videos. 16 – 25 November. My videos RAGE AND TIME (2017) and PROGRESS PROGRESS [STRANDED] 2019 are shown in the Wu Temple in Chengxiang’s Old Town.                                                                                                                                             Primera Trienal de Performance DEFORMES 2020. Santiago, Chile. Online performances / videos. 9-13 November. Visit:
BLIND DATES WITH THE HISTORY OF MANKIND [PROGRESS PROGRESS – STRANDED/ NO REQUIEM]  2019, online since 7 September 2020 on You Tube. Duration 3.32 mins                                                                                                                           Corona-archives Passage. Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam The Netherlands. A digital print on paper was presented during the exhibition [part of a series of 3]. Location: Nieuw- Dakota. Dates: 15 July – 30 August                                                                               PERFORMANCE: Peter Baren- Blind Dates With The History Of Mankind dream idea machine ART VIEW  featuring in greek online artmagazine with BDWTHOM performance series, Venice May 2013. Online since May 18, 2020
What Remains: On the Sacred, the Lost and the Forgotten Relics of Live Art.
ARC Gallery, Chicago, US.  7 – 28 February [produced by Defibrillator Gallery]. PB contribution is part of WEEK 2: MERGE. In this ever changing exhibition I will be using relics used by Marylin Arsem in her 2015 performance STILL WAITING during RAPID PULSE #4. My proposal STILL WAITING_NO REQUIEM includes make overs of work by Magdalena Abakanowicz, Gerrit van Bakel, Joseph Beuys, Kiki Smith, Martin Disler that will be drawn and texted onto both a burned table and chair and including four dry flowers, with a project that never saw the light of day, yet.


LOCUS SOLUS [Artist Practice in Progress]. Amsterdam, NL
Exhibition: 16 November – 7 December. CONFRONTATION II. franck gribling reacts to the work of Joseph Sassoon in the framework of ON FRIENDSHIP [Collateral Damage] III. The Third GaLUT. The Guest becomes Host. Peter Baren contribution: ON HOPE AND OTHER TERMINAL BODIES. Series of 3 performance stills. 86 x 260 cms, C-prints on aluminium. Edition: 1/5. 2006
RED PLEXUS/ Préavis de dêsordre Urbain#13 Performance Festival. La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France. Dates: 13-15 September. Article in La Provence newspaper 11 September                                                                                                                             PROJECT ID. In-Between Identities. Different locations, The Hague NL. Produced by P. S. Performance Site, VestAndPage and Marilyn Arsem. Residencies including a Live Program, Study Room [produced with LADA/Live Art Development Agency, London]        1 – 7 July. PB Lecture SILHOUETTES LIKE SHIVERING ANCIENT FEELINGS [ORIGIN-CHANGE- IDENTITY] and a performance together with Imke Zeinstra: BLIND DATES WITH THE HISTORY OF MANKIND [NO REQUIEM]                                                      UPDATE. Group show. Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL. A selection of handscripted scores and performance studies [from the period 2007 – 2019]. 29 June- July 28
Wie Sprechen Wir. How do we speak? A repertoire of language. GfZK. Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig. Participation in ‘I Enter A Room’ (Performance Monologues by ieke Trinks), exhibition curator: Sarie Nijboer. April/May


ART ACTION 1998 – 2018 is organized by LE LIEU, Quebec [Canada].
RiAP/ Rencontre Internationale d’Art Performance.
September-December: Exhibitions, conferences and publication ART ACTION 1998-2018. Continents presented are: Canada, Americas and Africa, Europe, Asia
and Oceania. Including different exhibitions of documentation and  artifacts.During EUROPE exhibition and event PB book with performances 1980 – 2013, plus photo material are on display/request. 11 November 2018. Ieke Trinks lectures on ACTION ART AND ARTISTS INITIATIVES IN THE NETHERLANDS. Images of a couple of PB performances are included in the lecture.
TAC#30. TransArt Communication festival. Nové Zámky, Slovakia. Different locations. PB venue: Csemadok [Hungarian Cultural Centre]
TAC 1988-2018. 30 Years: The exhibition. Ernest Zmetak Gallery, Nové Zámky, Slovakia
Fractured Bodies. TEMPTING FAILURE#18. Biennial of Performance Art and Noise – hosted in the Borough of Croydon, London, UK. [PB location: Braithwaite Hall]
TheParallelShow [#1-10] . Kunsthal, Rotterdam, NL. The Parallel Show, Spoken word performance and book presentation. With Frans van Lent, Peter Baren, Ienke Kastelein, Ieke Trinks. Project and book produced by Frans van Lent for
Publisher: Jap Sam Books


BLAUVERSCHIEBUNG NO10. Internationales performance kunst festival Leipzig. Galerie KUB and Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipig, Germany
The performance BLIND DATES WITH THE HISTORY OF MANKIND [HOFFNUNG, EXIL UND TOT] in Galerie KUB was carried out together with Christopher Utpadel
On Friendship [Collateral Damage]  II– Guardians of the door. Amsterdam, NL – participation with several performances in a project by Joseph Semah. Stedelijk Museum: 20, 21, 22 October (Curator: Margriet Schravemaker)/ The New Church: 22 June and 13 July. Other partners: Jewish Historical Museum, Goethe Institute
SAME DIFFERENCE: EQUINOX TO EQUINOX. Day of Public Actions for Freedom and Democracy. 22 September. [the film – produced by BBEYOND, Belfast] Screenings in 2017 during: Blue Evening. Galerie Koppelmann – Kunstwerk Nippes, Cologne, Germany / Mobilize: Performance Art from Ireland. Cyberarts Gallery, Boston and in Human Resources LA. Los Angeles, US
PLATFORMS PROJECT. Independent Art Fair. Athens, Greece [with THE SHOWS, presentation curated and produced by Frans van Lent for Unnoticed Art Festival]
LAM#7. Forum of Live Art. Arti et Amicitiae and theater Frascati, Amsterdam, NL (curated by Rose Akras/Forum of Live Art AmsterdamM)
Van Nelle factory, Rotterdam, NL (produced by FLAM/Forum of Live Art amsterdaM)


LET IT KEEP SECRETS. Project around the early work of Michael Gibbs (1949-2009). PB Performance Blind Date With Michael Gibbs [Secret It Is] in Soledad Senlle Art Foundation (produced with Eva Gonggrijp). Other institutions involved: Stedelijk Museum, De Appel arts centre, Rietveld Akademie, WG Kunst, Boekie Woekie. Amsterdam, NL (curated by Eva Gonggrijp and Gerrit Jan de Rook)
De Appel Timeline: 40+ Years of risk. De Appel arts centre, Amsterdam, NL
Préavis de Désordre Urbain#10. On borders and migrations. Outdoor locations and in La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, France (curated by Christine Bouvier and produced by Red Plexus)
Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox | Day of Public Actions for Freedom and Democracy.
Performance with Rose Akras. Observation deck, A*DAM Tower, Amsterdam, NL (World wide event produced by BBEYOND, Belfast)
Fine art – Finance Lab @ 4Bid Gallery. OT 301 Overtoom, Amsterdam, NL
VERBO. 12. Mostra de performance arte. Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, Brasil (curated by Marcos Gallon)
MIP3. Manifestação Internacional de Performance. SESC Palladium, Belo Horizonte, Brasil (curated by Marco Paulo Rolla)
RAPID PULSE #5. International Performance Art Festival.
Defibrillator Gallery. Chicago, US (produced by Joseph Ravens and RP team)


TheParallelShow#3. M Museum, Leuven, Belgium
TheParallelShow#2. Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, NL
(TPS is an initiative of the Unnoticed Art festival/Frans van Lent)
A Call For Drawings. BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, NL
(project curator: Klaas Hoek/MAHKU)
LIVE/LIFE: Interactive Performances and Installations. Ledeberg square, Gent, Belgium (produced by Monali Meher for Achturenhuis)
3. CIPAF. Cyprus International Performance Art Festival. (ARTos Foundation) Nicosia, Cyprus
SummerShow. Francis Boeske Projects & Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, NL
lying-sitting-standing-walking-jumping-flying/falling. Of what people do – and how. Künstlerforum, Bonn, Germany (curated by a.o. Boris Nieslony)
PERFORMANCEFESTIVAL with traces. Pictura, Dordrecht, NL
ANDERS SEIN. Six artists, 2 countries, five nationalities. City centre, Neuss, Germany (curated by Peter Baren and Klaus Richter. Produced by Kulturforum Alte Post)   ART THE HAGUE. With Publishing House De Zwaluw [The Swallow], The Hague, NL 


STAGE IT! Series of presentations on performance art. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL. Blind Dates With The History Of Mankind. PERFORMANCES 1980 – 2013 (curated by Hendrik Folkerts)
Graft and Transplant. Entity Conception Exhibition. Blue Roof Art Festival. Chengdu, China (curated by Zhou Bin/ Zheng Zhihai)                                                          ONCE UPON A TIME…THE COLLECTION NOW [Counter-Cultures 1965-  1985] Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, NL (curated by Diana Franssen)         


DEFRAMED. Infr’Action Venezia 2. International Performance Art Event. Venice, Italy (produced and curated by Jonas Stampe)
11. MALAMUT Performance Art Festival. Ostrava, Czech Republic              exist-ence 5. International festival and symposia. Queensland College of Art Project Gallery, Brisbane (AUS) produced by Rebecca Cunningham and Nicola Morton
exist-ence 5. International festival. A For Atlas, Melbourne (AUS)
exist-ence 5. International festival. PACT, Sydney (AUS)


XIV. International Art Festival INTERAKCJE. Galeria ODA, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland
DISPLACING TIME. ORANGERIE Theater im Volksgarten, Cologne, Germany (produced by PAErsche Aktionslabor NRW)
Elita festival. PAE Rotterdam presentation. Teatro Franco Paronti, Milan, Italy (produced by Wolfart Project Spaces)
THE INEVITABLE. 222 LodgeExtern at SBK/Stichting Beeldende Kunst, Dordrecht, NL (produced by Frans van Lent)


TRANSMUTED festival internacional de performance. Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, Mexico (produced by Martin Renteria)
4. existence. a live art event. Powerhouse and Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia (produced by Rebecca Cunningham for exist)
Ill Repute. UNIT/PITT Projects, Vancouver, Canada
13. International Multimedial Art Festival (IMAF). MAS Gallery, Odzaci, Serbia (produced by Nenad Bogdanovic)
Exchange Radical Moments! PAErsche and Die Fabrikanten. Orangerie-Theater, Cologne, Germany [with PAErsche]


Guangzhou Live 010. 53 Art Museum, Guangzhou, China (curated by Jonas Stampe)
An elusive sense of intimacy. Grace Exhibition Space, New York, US (produced by Jill McDermid)
Fountain Art Fair. Miami, US (with Grace Exhibition Space, New York)
What’s New? Acquisitions. Museum Arnhem, Arnhem, NL (curator: Mirjam Westen)
INFR’ACTION 6. Festival International d’Art Performance. Sète, France (curated by Jonas Stampe and Nadia Captaine)
PAE#3. Performance Art Event. Wolfart Project Spaces, Rotterdam, NL
12th International Multimedial Art Festival IMAF. MAS Gallery, Odzaci, Serbia Exist-ence. live, film, art-i-fact. White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane, Australia (produced by Rebecca Cunningham for exist)
IN:ACT. international performance art event. Nhasan Studio, Hanoi, Vietnam (with exist-ence, Brisbane)


10th OPEN ART International Performance Art Festival. 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China (curated by Chen Jin)
Préavis de Désordre Urbain#3. La Friche la Belle de Mai and outdoor locations in Marseille, France (produced by Christine Bouvier for RedPlexus)
The manifold (after) lives of performance. Frascati theater, Amsterdam
(curated by Ann Demeester). Co-produced by de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam, NL and STUK kunstencentrum/ PLAYGROUND festival, Leuven, Belgium
Made In Arnhem INVITES/35 Years Of Art Festivals. Museum Arnhem, Arnhem, NL (curated by Mirjam Westen)
XI. International Art Festival INTERAKCJE. Galeria ODA, Piotrkow Trybunalski and Galeria BWA, Bielsko Biala, Poland (curated by Dariusz Fodzcuk)


ASIATOPIA 10. BACC /Bangkok Art And Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand (curated by Chumpon Apisuk)
Visibility Project 4. Galata Perform, Istanbul, Turkey
Préavis de Désordre Urbain#2. Outdoor locations and in La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, France (produced by Christine Bouvier for RedPlexus)
Exist in 08. International Live Art Event. The Judy Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane and Artsworx, Toowoomba, Australia (produced by Rebecca Cunningham for exist-ence)


The National Review of Live Art/ New Moves International. Tramway, Glasgow, United Kingdom (curated by Nikki Milican)
INPORT. 5th International Video-performance Art festival. Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, Estonia (curated by Gert Hatsukov)
Incantation in the sense of stillness. Bewaerschole, Burgh-Haamstede, NL with Aaron Williamson and Toine Horvers (Curated by Anet van de Elzen).


Kunstvlaai 6/Art Fair. Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL (with Performance Lab)
PERFORMANCE. Registrations #1. Sub-urban video lounge, Rotterdam, NL (produced by Toine Horvers)


Altered States. LIVE2005. Performance Art Biennale. Vancouver, Canada (curated by Jeremy Turner)
BLURRR 5. The Fifth Biennial of Performance Art. CCA/ Center for Contemporary Art and outdoor actions in Tel Aviv, Israel (curated  by Sergio Edelsztein)
Acts of Faith and Generosity. Imperceptible. The earth rings. 2nd Annual Festival of Contemporary Art. La Bisbal d’Emporda and La InteriorBodega, Barcelona, Spain (produced and curated by Denys Blacker / EBENT)
Castle of Imagination. 13th festival of Performance Art. Slupsk, Ustka, Krakow and Torun, Poland (produced and curated by Wladislaw Kazmierzcak)
Close Encounters. Trace. Installaction space. Cardiff, UK (produced and curated by Andre Stitt)


CURRENCY 2004. An International Festival of Contemporary Performance.
New York, US (curated and produced by Dan McKereghan)

I NEED YOU. Kunsthaus PasquArt, Biel, Switzerland (curated by Beate Engel)


CV 2021 – 1979 met beelden en teksten/ with images and texts [in progress]


HIERNA/ next                           Bibliografie 2021 – 1979  [NL versie]  ————————————————————————————————-

PETER BAREN  CV 2021 – 1979

1954 geboren/ born in Haarlem NL
1972-1977 studie aan/ studied at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam
Woont/ lives in Amsterdam en werkt aan/ works on PERFORMANCES EN ANDERE PRESENTATIES/ Performances And Other Presentations

(geselecteerde/ selected) Boeken/ Books, Catalogi/ Catalogues

2020                                                                                                                                                       Joseph Sassoon Semah. On Friendship / [Collateral Damage] III. The Third GaLUT: Baghdad Jerusalem Amsterdam. Uitgever: Metropool International Art Projects               RIJKSAKADEMIE OP DE KAART. 150 jaar beelden in Amsterdam. Uitgever: RA          2019
Helena Markusová. TRANS ART’30. A Short Trip into History. Ernest Zmetak Gallery, Nove Zamky
TheParallelShow [#1-10]. Jap Sam Books
Samuel Wahl. PREAVIS DE DESORDRE URBAIN. La Performance l’épreuve d’une Ville [2007-2017]. Editions Deuxième Epoque, Marseille
Definitely unfinished. Raoul Teulings 1959-2010. Circa…dit, Arnhem
PETER BAREN. Blind Dates With The History Of Mankind. Performances 1980-2013. Monografie. Publisher: De Zwaluw, The Hague
Blind Dates, Orphaned Whisperings And Other Unknown Pleasures. 2004-2014. CD-Rom. Artist edition
Mike Phearson. MICKERY. An imperfect archaeology. Amsterdam University Press
Katarina Mullerova. Galéria Cypriána Majerníka 1957-2000. Bratislava
Ines den Rooijen. Peter Baren. Omgekeerde zakkenroller. De Fabriek 30 Jaar. EEN BOEK OM MEE TE SLAAN. Eindhoven
DE COLLECTIE. 25 Jaar Kunstprojecten in Zorginstellingen 1985-2009. SKOR. Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte, Amsterdam
Transart Communication. Performance & Multimedia Art. Studio erté 1987-2007. Kalligram, Bratislava/Pozsony 2007
Bewaerschole Jaarboek 2007. Burgh-Haamstede
Marga van Mechelen. Review. de Appel. performances-installations-video-projects 1975-1983, Amsterdam
Anne Stone. Peter BAREN, Anthony SCHRAG. LIVE 05 Performances. Vancouver
Heike Roms, Julie Bacon, Jimmy Durham. TRACE 00-05. The first five years, Cardiff
Sergio Edelsztein. BLURRR 5 Biennial. Tel Aviv, catalogus/ CD-rom
Venetian Pearls. CD-rom. Kunstenaarsuitgave
Collected Pitfalls 2. CD-rom. Kunstenaarsuitgave
I NEED YOU. Centre PasquArt, Bienne/ Kunsthaus, Biel (cat.)
Museum Of Mankind (1983) and Abbey Road (2000). DVD (with Koos Dalstra) Collected Pitfalls 1. CD-rom. Kunstenaarsuitgave
TransArt Communication festival. Nové Zámky, CD-rom
Paul Groot. Spirits In The Material World. Lust, Desire And Other Terminal Bodies. Artist edition (Bratislava installation)
TransArt Communication festival. Nové Zámky, CD-rom
Renske de Jong. Peter Baren. Vanity Plates (8 Stations). Het Amsterdams Beeldenboek. 4 centuries of public sculptures. Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
Peter Baren. Sulcken Vreemden Geuren (Kwijt). cat. Stichting Collage, Kortenhoef
Carpay & Capaan, Harry Heyink. (ed.) Midden in het leven staan wij in de dood. cat. Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
Antoinette Andriese. Peter Baren. Caressing The Dike. cat. DIJKWACHT. Art and poetry on the borders of Flevoland
Mekkink, Pingen, van Strien (ed.), Kunst van Nu. Encyclopedic survey since 1970. Leiden
Bart van de Ven (ed.), Colin Huizing, Ron Miltenburg. Cat. The Living Room. Eine Amsterdamer Galerie und die achtziger Jahre, Neuenhaus
Brigitte van de Sande (ed.) in: Net zo prikkelend, verwonderingwekkend en weerbarstig als het stadse leven zelf. 1994-1996. Werkgroep Kunst Oude Stad (KOS). Amsterdam Fund for the Arts                                                                                                                                                  1994
Christine Resch. Kunst als Skandal. Der Steirischer Herbst und die öffentliche Eregung. Vienna
Geurt Imanse. Soap Bubbles. Zeepbellen. Artist edition. Care Centre De Open Hof. Commisioned by the City of Amsterdam. Watergraafsmeer district
Andreas Vowinckel. In Kontexten denken. Peter Baren. cat: Kontexte, Karlsruhe
James E. Young. Austria’s Ambivalant Memory. The Texture of Memory. Holocaust Memorials and Meanings. New Haven and London
Willemijn Stokvis, Kitty Zijlmans (ed.). VRIJ SPEL. Art in The Netherlands 1970-1990. Amsterdam
Haro Plantenga (ed.) cat. AMSTERDAM KOOPT KUNST. Gemeentelijke Kunst Aankopen 1992, Amsterdam
IJsbrand van Veelen. Peter Baren. cat. HILLS+MILLS. Amsterdam/ Bratislava
IJsbrand van Veelen. The Living Room, Amsterdam. Für die Galerie/ Dealing with Art, München
Peter Baren. Monument voor de Nieuwe Zaken. Cat. Herdgangen, De Beeldunie, Tilburg
Tineke Reijnders. Vreemde fabels op bekend terrein. cat. En Passant, Off Holland media project, Amsterdam
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Peter Baren. Century’87 flexidisc. Metropolis M, September nummer
Peter Baren. STATIES, cat. Kunst Over De Vloer. Foto-Video-Installaties. Entrepôtdok, Amsterdam
Action and Image: Performance art documentation. LOCUS+/Projects UK, Newcastle
Gemeentelijke Kunst Aankopen II. Amsterdam
NOCTURNE. ERVEN WIRRA WELTKLANG. Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven (gesigneerde kunstenaars uitgave)
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Pieter Heynen. The Living Room, in: cat. The Living Room, Groupshow. Amsterdam
JA! Uitgever: Rob Scholte, Amsterdam

(geselecteerde) Artikelen, Teksten

PLEXUS ROUGE, MORT ET NAISSANCE D’UN EVENEMENT. La Provence newspaper, Marseille. 11 September
SEEALLTHIS magazine. Winternummer #8 2017/2018. Paginagrote afbeelding van ARE WE BLIND PEOPLE? PEACE WILL COME TO ME! Rondgangen tijdens ART ROTTERDAM 2017. ism FLAM/ Forum of Live Art amsterdaM
Moos van den Broek. Arti et Amicitiae en de ontwikkelingen in de white box. – 5 juni                                                                                                                        Jan Pieter Ekker. Na 500 jaar heeft Luther antwoord van de kunsten. Het Parool, 23 juni
Paola van de Velde. Moderne kijk op Luther. De Telegraaf, 18 juli
Paola van de Velde. Symbool voor de dialoog. Haarlems Dagblad 27 juli
Samuel Wahl. Droit d’asile pour la performance a Marseille. Archipels #1
Jennie Klein. PETER BAREN. Blind Dates With The History Of Mankind. Blogtext for RAPID PULSE#5 performancefestival. DFBRL8R Gallery, Chicago
Debbie Broekers. Alleskunner Michael Gibbs. Metropolis M. Nr. 5
Domeniek Ruyters. Het festival voor onopgemerkte kunst. Interview met Frans van Lent (a.o. The Parallel Show). Metropolis January
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Bart Rutten. Coming Back to Mist And One’s Own Presence. Interview with Peter Baren. In: PETER BAREN. Blind Dates With The History Of Mankind. Performances 1980-2013. The Hague
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Ines den Rooijen. Peter Baren. Reverse pickpocket. De Fabriek 30 Years. A book to hit with. Eindhoven
The manifold (after) lives of performance (#2). Two-day symposium, Frascati WG theater, Amsterdam (produced by de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam)
Roos van de Lint. What’s your angle boy? 14/15 November [Symposium]  Ann Demeester, Gerbrand Korevaar. The manifold (after) lives of performance (#1).        Co-production of de Appel/ theater Frascati, Amsterdam with PLAYGROUND/STUK Kunstencentrum, Leuven
Rob Perree. A committed search for limits. The ARK series by Peter BAREN. Essay. Amsterdam/ New York
Tineke Reijnders. Zingend en drummend de wereld veranderen. Metropolis M, No 2. April/May
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Emil Tiger. Peter Baren exhibits in Bratislava for the second time. SME, 6 May
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Janneke Wesseling. Kunstenaars tonen engagement op nieuw TripleX festival in A’dam. NRC Handelsblad, 28 JulyWilma Süto. Huiveren over wat de mens vermag, De Volkskrant, 29 July
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Project/Stipendia/Beurzen, Prijzen

Nederlandse Ambassade, London [Bbeyond symposium. University of Ulster, Belfast]
Nederlandse Ambassade, Parijs (performances voor Preavis de Desordre Urbain#10, Marseille)
Netherland-America Foundation Inc. Chicago (Rapid Pulse #5 performance festival, Chicago)
Mondriaan Fonds (FLAM stipendium voor performances tijdens 12th VERBO, Sao Paulo en MIP3, Belo Horizonte)
Nederlandse Ambassade, Praag (performance 11. MALAMUT festival, Ostrava)
Mondriaan Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds Noord-Holland, VSB fonds,
Harten fonds (Publicatie budget voor BLIND DATES WITH THE HISTORY OF MANKIND)
Mondriaan Fonds (Basisstipendium)
Consulaat-Generaal der Nederlanden, Guangzhou (performance Guangzhou Live 010) 2009
Nederlandse Ambassade, Warschau (performance 11. NAVINKI, Minsk)
Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam (Basisstipendium)
Nederlandse Ambassade, Bangkok (performance ASIATOPIA 10)
Consulaat-Generaal der Nederlanden, Istanbul (performance Visibility Project 4)
Nederlandse Ambassade, Parijs (performance 2. Preavis de Desordre Urbain, Marseille)
Nederlandse Ambassade, London (performance Tramway, Glasgow 2007)
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. Opdracht voor het produceren van ARK (Unknown Pleasures) nachtelijke projecties vanuit DTN, hoek Prinsengracht/Leidsestraat, Amsterdam, april- juli 2007
Nederlandse Ambassade, Ottawa (performance LIVE 2005. Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver)
Mondriaan Stichting (performance trace: Cardiff, 2005)
Mondriaan Stichting en Fonds BKVK (performance CURRENCY 2004, New York)
Fonds BKVB (Basisstipendium)
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. (installatie van performance stills- station Sloterdijk)
Provincie Zeeland en Venetië. Performance- en video project, in samenwerking met Koos Dalstra
Fonds BKVB (Basisstipendium)
Mondriaan Stichting en Nederlandse Ambassade, Bratislava. (installatie Palffyho paleis/stedelijk museum)
Nederlandse Ambassade, Budapest (performance Mücsarnok, Palace of Exhibitions)
Nederlandse Ambassade, Rome (performance Cagliari, Sardinië) in samenwerking met Marcelle van Bemmel
Ministerie van WVC (performance Kunstraum, Düsseldorf)
Provincie Flevoland (performance Lelystad)
Fonds BKVB (Basisstipendium)
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (installatie SlotervaartZiekenhuis)
Ministerie van WVC (installatie Dom Kultury, Bratislava)
Mondriaan Stichting, Prins Berhard Cultuurfonds, Nederlandse Ambassade, Washington
en Franklin Furnace Performance Art Fund (performances Franklin Furnace, New York- featuring Seymour Likely)
Gemeente Amsterdam (installatie Mr. Visserplein)
PRIX DE ROME Beeldende Kunst&Theater (4x ex-aequo Basisprijs)
1986, 1985, 1984, 1983, 1982 Productiebudget. Gemeente Amsterdam