2019 – 2016 and other presentations: images, descriptive texts and scores (a selection)


 [Blind Dates With The History Of Mankind / ONLY FOOLS DIE]

                    89>97>01>13>20>27>49  [work in process // UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Ongoing vr performance project featuring chosen objects interwoven with both short and durational actions


CONNECTION > EUROPE. Santiago, Chile / p.ARTE, Curitiba and other partners [produced by PERFOLINK]                                                                                                                                                             la-bas. Experimental live art. Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland                                                             CROSSING BORDER. Mong Kok district, Hong Kong
BLAUVERSCHIEBUNG NO11. MdbK / Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig, Germany [co-operation with and initiated by Galerie KUB]                                                                                           WHAT REMAINS: On the Sacred, the Lost and the Forgotten Relics of Live Art.               ARC Gallery, Chicago [produced by Difibrillator Gallery]


7th UP-ON. International Live Art Festival. Chengdu, China

Different locations: A4 Art Museum, Wuhu Art Exhibition Center, Luxehills Art Museum, University of Economics, SW Jiaotong University.                                               12- 22 October

Due to unforeseen circumstances PB’s performance and lecture is postponed           till a later date.                                                                                                                               This presentation is possible thanks to the generous support by the Consulate-General of the Netherlands in Chongqing


LOCUS SOLUS [Artist Practice in Progress]. Amsterdam                                                    Exhibition: 16 November – 7 December

CONFRONTATION II. franck gribling reacts to the work of Joseph Sassoon                       in the framework of ON FRIENDSHIP [Collateral Damage] III. The Third GaLUT.               The Guest becomes Host.

Peter Baren contribution:                                                                                                           ON HOPE AND OTHER TERMINAL BODIES. series of 3 performance stills.                 86 x 260 cms, C-prints on aluminium. Edition: 1/5

Peter Baren

Joseph Sassoon Semah

Reflection. Work by frank gribling

franck gribling

—————————————————————————————————–ON FRIENDSHIP. [Collateral Damage] III. The Third GaLUT                         Participation in several presentations, spread out over Amsterdam                         in 36 locations [and 1 in Jerusalem, 1 in Baghdad]. Sep. 2019 till February 2020             A project by Joseph Sassoon Semah

–  3 November – Freemason foundation, Amsterdam NL                                                         –  2 November, MUSEUMNACHT / MUSEUMNIGHT. Hermitage, Amsterdam

Being Touched By An Angel Just Before Birth.                                                          – 20 October, Sittard, NL                                                                                                             Museum Hedendaagse Kunst De Domijnen                                                                     Retrospective exhibtion by Joseph Sassoon Semah                                                                  from 20 October- 16 February 2020                                                                                            – Performance during opening of the retrospective                                                                     Video by Bob Schoo. Duration – 12:43 mins



RED PLEXUS/ Préavis de Desordre Urbain#13.                                                         Friche la Belle de Mai. Marseille, France                                                                                     Burial of Préavis de Désordre Urbain festival and Rebirth of RED PLEXUS 12/13/14 September

Article in La Provence newspaper. 11 September 2019



ON FRIENDSHIP COLLATERAL DAMAGE III.                                                     Lumen Travo Gallery, Amsterdam NL                                                                                                 7 September

[PB taking part in] performance and first presentation of Joseph Sassoon Semah’s project,  running from September 2019 till February 2020 in 36 locations spread around Amsterdam [and Jerusalem and Bagdad] .Video by Bob Schoo. Duration: 7.21 mins.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNhciC-BW

———————————————————-—————–                                          ON FRIENDSHIP COLLATERAL DAMAGE III.                                                                     2. presentation and performance                                                                                                          Goethe Instituut, Amsterdam                                                                                                                Video by Bob Schoo. Duration 9.50 mins.                                                                                          12 September

LINK:                                                                                            https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=380&v=pOzCPbdG2As


PROJECT ID. In-Between Identities.
Different locations. The Hague, The Netherlands
A co-production between P.S. PerformanceSite, VestAndPage and Marilyn Arsem
25 June / 7 July                                                                                                                                   PB LECTURE and PERFORMANCE

More on the participating artistshttp://www.performancesite.nl/artists-project-id/


Evening lectures and artist talks Stichting Ruimtevaart: June 28 and June 30,  7:00 – 10:00 PM                            Residency Class tutored by VestAndPage & Marilyn Arsem: June 25 – July 3                                                                         Study Movie Room Stichting Ruimtevaart: July 5, 12:00 – 6:00 PM – July 7,  12:00 AM – 11:30 PM                              [produced by LADA/ Live Art Development Agency, London and VestAndPage]                                                            Collective Performance Opera at Maakhaven: July 5, 7:30 – 11:00 PM                                                                                      Live program at De Helena and De Barthkapel:  July 6 / 7 July, 7:00 – 11:30 PM
Evening lectures and artist talks  Stichting Ruimtevaart Den Haag                                                                             Sunday, June 30th  7:00-10:00 pm We cordially invite you an interview with guest speaker Peter Baren, artist and Sanne van Driel, PhD student, Tilburg University Department of Culture Studies. To conclude the evening, artist Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage) will give a lecture on social progress, gender and identity within Project ID – In Between Identities

SILHOUETTES LIKE SHIVERING ANCIENT FEELINGS [Origin – Change- Identity].      The lecture by Peter Baren was larded with fleeting examples from his performance practice.                Witnesses of ever changing identities in between social actions and behavior outlet.                     Image: Kirsten Heshusius.                                                                                                                                      Sunday 30 June

Sunday, 7 July 7:00 PM  Barth chapel                                                                                                           LIVE performance BLIND DATES WITH THE HISTORY OF MANKIND [NO REQUIEM]               together with Imke Zeinstra. Images: Jacques Martens



Stuart Hall outlines in the essay “Cultural Identity and Diaspora” (1990) that modern identities are no longer fixed but emerge as “unstable points of identification or suture, which are made within the discourses of history and culture.” In his words, life stories are not determined exclusively by class, race, gender, and religion, but instead there is a mixed ancestry; an identification with diversity in countries, traditions, values and beliefs. While the raised global interactions are causing a re-evaluation of traditions and lifestyles, an awareness of individual and collective change springs from the urgency to find new modes of shaping our identities and life stories. Performativity as a language calls for continuous transformation and functions as a form of social action, while contemporary performance art as a logical art form shapes, communicates, confirms and honours the value of differing life stories in multiple contexts.
More detailed information on www.performancesite.nl


UPDATE. New Members exhibition/ Nieuwe Leden tentoonstelling.                                            Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.                                                                                            On show a selection of handscripted scores [first time ever on display – from the period 2007 / 2019]  29 June – 28 July.
Below a few examples.



ART ACTION 1998 – 2018

Quebec, Canada 2018
RiAP/ Rencontre Internationale d’Art Performance is organized by LE LIEU.
September- December: Exhibitions, conferences, publication ART ACTION 1998-2018.
Continents presented are: Canada, Americas and Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

11 November – section: EUROPE.                                                                                                                     Ieke Trinks produced a lecture on PERFORMANCE ART AND ART[ISTS] INITIATIVES IN THE NETHERLANDS. A couple of PB performance stills were shown in her presentation.
During this EUROPE exhibition, a survey of documentation: videos, artifacts etc. by a great variety of artists is exhibited in Le Lieu. PB’s monography PERFORMANCES 1980 – 2013 / videos of 2007 and 2017  plus photo material is on display.
A text with the same title, written by Trinks, will be featuring in the new publication that will be released later this year. It is the follow-up of ART ACTION 1958-1998.

TAC#30. Transart Communication festival. Celebrational edition.                        

Nové Zámky, Slovakia
Exhibition and performances on different locations across the city                                                               Date: 6 – 9 September

TAC#30. 1988-2018. The exhibition. September/October.                                                                                                               Ernest Zmetak gallery. Nové Zámky, Slovakia. Including selected PB photos and videos in documentary exhibition: PROGRESS PROGRESS [1997 Nové Zámky/ Budapest- below] and BEGGARS BANQUET / DISCOVER HEAVEN [2002 Nové Zámky]

catalogue:  https://issuu.com/rokkojuhasz/docs/transart30-exh.vat.2018                          [page 55 and 43]

a.o. Adina_Baron, Julius Koller, Andre Stitt, Elvira Santamaria, Ben Patterson, Skip Arnold, Roddy Hunter, Esther Ferrer, Wladyslaw Kasmierczak, Istvan Kovacs, Roi Vaara, Mongkol Plienbangchang, Helge Meyer, Marco Taubner, Zbigniew Warpechowski, Bartholome Ferrando,

TAC#30. Nové Zámky, Slovakia 2018

During the beginning of the performance I walk along the people present and look everbody straight in the eyes and smile. After that round I put out my socks and shoes. Followed by putting lots of balsam on my lips and spray an overload of parfum around my head. Next action is laying myself down on the tiled floor where hands and feet are covered with heavy stones from the region. The fifth stone is placed against my head by an intervention of one of the people around. Slowly and softly I start whistling MISA LUPA [Lone Wolf by RIP RIG AND PANIC] and alternate between whistling that melody and increasingly louder and louder the words: MILOVAL SOM VáS TAKY! [I Loved You Too!]. After shouting at the top of my voice, the stones are removed again from the hands and feet. Slowly I get up and walk out, off balance.

Performance: Peter Baren, Mads Floor Andersen, Sebastian Bechinger, Rokko Juhasz, Sara Lanner
Location: Csemadok [Hungarian Cultural Center]                                                                                             Date: 9 September
Images: Ondrej Berta, Lehel Toth

Making eye contact and smile towards every person present

                        Taking shoes off

Lip balsam by Cellcosmet

Lots of perfume by Azzaro: Wanted By Night

Stones from the region

People’s participation with fifth stone
Whistling MISA LUPA [Lone Wolf] and alternate  between whistling that melody                               and increasingly louder and louder:  AJ JA TA MILUJEM! [I Love(d) You Too!]

I loved You Too!

Leaving the despair behind…

Biennial of International Performance Art and Noise.
London UK 2018

Different locations around Croydon
9-22 July

Performed by: Peter BAREN, Anna BOGOS, Lise BOUCON, Rob HESP, Gemma JONES
Date: 21 July
PB Location: Braithwaite Hall
Images: Julia Bauer


TheParallelShow [#1-10]
Rotterdam, NL 2018

Book presentation and spoken-word performance
Date: 22 april
Performance: Frans van Lent, Peter Baren, Ieke Kastelein, Ieke Trinks
Location: Kunsthal – auditorium
Images: Theun Okkerse

TheParallelShow is a series of impromptu performances of occasional collaborations of performance practioners
TheParallelShow takes place unexpectedly at and around public exhibitions at art venues
TheParallelShow is never announced, no invitations are sent
TheParallelShow leaves no traces

Project and book are initiated and compiled by Frans van Lent within the framework of
Unnoticed Art – TheParallelShow.com

PB contribution:     [Different speakers across the room calling out:]






Leipzig, Germany 2017

10 jahren internationales performance kunst festival Leipzig
Galerie KUB / Museum der bildenden Künste

Date: 2 December
Performance: Christopher Utpadel, Peter Baren
Location: Galerie KUB
Images: Christian Liefke


Floortexting HOFFNUNG mirrorwise

Last stations: PB stands upright in floor texted capital [HOFFNUN]G.
Slowly steps up to PROGRESS PROGRESS and kisses him on the mouth.
The dark figure buckles out of skis and leaves the space.
PB descends again and produces the sound of a choking throat.
People present are requested to leave…


ON FRIENDSHIP [Collateral Damage] II – Guardians of the Door.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2017

Participation with several performances in this project by Joseph Semah.
Stedelijk Museum (October) and The New Church 13 July and 22 June [during the exhibition Journey In Time/500 years Maarten Luther]. Other partners and presentations in: Jewish Historical Museum, Goethe Institute.
Photography: Ilya Rabinovich, Linda Bouws.
During this long-term project On Friendship / (Collateral Damage) in which Joseph Semah collaborates with Metropool International Art Projects / Studio Meritis MaKOM, the main question is how western art and culture are presented and why. In Part I (2015) Semah searches for the specific Jewish implications in Kazimir Malevich’s (The Black Square) and
Barnett Newman’s work, and also critically researches the claim by a growing group of people that refer to the Jewish-Christian origin of European culture. Through his lawyer Bob Vink, Semah made contact with Beatrix Ruf, director of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, asked her to account for the ‘empty page’ in art history on behalf of the art world.  Her answer was publicly called out [by PB] during the Stedelijk Museum performances.
Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum: 20, 21 and 22 October
Joseph Semah reading his texts
Below: PB reading open letter to Beatrix Ruf, director Stedelijk Museum, by lawyer                                                                      Bob Vink and her reply. Other reflections are read aloud on Malevich, Newman,                                                                  Duchamp and Mondriaan
Repaint the work of Niele Toroni [previously positioned above the entrance on the left] and cover it with Black Square  by Kazimir Malevich

ON FRIENDSHIP [Collateral Damage] II – Guardians of the door.                        Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2017

Performances in project by Joseph Semah
Date: 22 June and 13 July [during exhibition 500 years Maarten Luther / Journey In Time]
Location: Damsquare to De Nieuwe Kerk
Other partners: Stedelijk Museum [20-23 October], Joods Historisch Museum, Goethe Instituut Photography: Ilya Rabinovich.


BLIND DATES WITH THE HISTORY OF MANKIND                                        (RAGE AND TIME)
Amsterdam, NL 2017

FLAM #7. Forum of Live Art. A Week of Performance Art.
Arti et Amicitiae and Theater Frascati
Date: 1 June [Arti et Amicitiae]
Performance:                                                                                                                                                        Aurelien Lepetit, Peter Baren, Fazle Shairmahomed, Levi de Kleer, Franziska Menge
Location: Arti et Amicitiae [and Frascati]
Duration: 40 minutes
Photography: David Cenzer, Renata Daguerre                                                                                                    Video by Peter Franken / Weitblick Films. 15.10 mins.

LINK:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=VM_rWBLJPEI

Peter Baren (The Netherlands) is a visual artist who has been working internationally
since the late 80’s. His works have a collaborative streak and often revolve around
the notion of ritual and the way it functions in various socio-cultural contexts.
This is conveyed in his art through the use of concept of ‘otherness’ and ancient cultures.
The performance presented at FLAM, is part of the recent series called BLIND DATES WITH
THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. This multi-sensory work searches for a common ground
between sensual bewilderment and political commentary, challenging the constructed
nature of our ideas on progress and memory, derived from our social and cultural circumstances.
-FLAM 2017-
below: Amsterdam score

BLACK.SILHOUETTE.UNBUCKLES.SKIS.AND.LEAVES.                                        THE.BUILDING.AFTER.FOG.VANISHED.THE.SPACE.                                            SHOWS.ITSELF.AGAIN.


WE THE BLIND PEOPLE? PEACE WILL COME TO ME!                                Rotterdam, NL 2017

Date: 8-12 February
Performance: Peter Baren
Location:  Van Nellefabriek
Duration: between 1 and 2 hours – different actions
Photography: Geert Broertjes (GB), Mariana Lanari (ML), Olivia Reschofsky (OR),                             Ronald Bal (RB)
Produced by FLAM/Forum of Live Art amsterdaM

Durational walks with textboard and censor bar – around the artfair
2. score: PEACE WILL COME TO ME! I AM GOING TO LIGHT UP THE WORLD:                                                     Floortext with blow-up letters torn from dutch constitution papers – around FLAM booth
score: PEACE WILL COME TO ME! I AM GOING TO LIGHT UP THE WORLD:                                                                    Floortext produced with blow-up letters torn from dutch constitution papers –                                                                      around FLAM booth







BLIND DATE WITH MICHAEL GIBBS  (SECRET IT IS)                              Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2016

LET IT KEEP SECRETS (project around the early work of Michael Gibbs 1949-2009)
Other institutions involved: Stedelijk Museum, de Appel arts centre, Soledad Senlle Art Foundation, Rietveld Academie, Boekie Woekie, Michael Gibbs studio, WG Kunst.

Date: 18 December
Performance/concept: Peter Baren with Eva Gonggrijp
Location: Soledad Senlle Art Foundation
Duration: 20 minutes
Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij and Frank Gribling (FG)
Camera: Eva van Heiningen
Editing: Eva Gongrijp

The performance lingers amongst the exhibited work from the estate of Michael Gibbs.
At first two pieces are taken down from the wall. A carrousel slide projector is set in motion on the empty spot. I step into the projected light and it shows ALL on my back [the next slide shows WITHOUT when stepping out of the light]. Walking towards the exhibited box with cut out book. Every time when standing opposite a chosen work, I open the book, hold it up in front of me and close my eyes for a short period of time. The excerpt that follows is voiced by Michael Gibbs.

The whole of the trajectory also includes a communion dress, used by Gibbs as part of an installation, and brought in especially for this performance. After several stops I stand in front of Cancelled Letters, the book is opened, again close my eyes, pull out a white handkerchief from chestpocket and stretch my right arm, hold the handkerchief for a short period of time and let it fall on the floor. Right after this action the book is returned into the box.

The ending of the performance takes shape when I slowly walk backwards next to the long showcase. One by one 3 boomerangs are picked up from the glasspanel and pressed against my forehead. They read: EXTINCTION, MIND and on top OPEN. Walking backwards and stop close to the fallen handkerchief, I kneel and the boomerangs are laid down around it. Last position is carried out from behind the communion dress, lift it and stand motionless inside. Michael Gibbs voices SECRET IT IS






STATIONS OF NAMELESS ENERGY (1987)                                                      Amsterdam 2016

Audio recording of  1987 performance by Peter Baren at Rijksacademie archive, Amsterdam (2016) for Performance Monologue series.

Performance Monologues is an ongoing collection of audio recordings and live recitations that started in 2016 by Ieke Trinks. She visits artists and asks them to describe one of their performances from memory while she records them. The recordings help her to recite the monologues from memory before a live audience. This is often done during an art event, but also in more intimate situations with one or more listeners. She recites the monologues in the first person because they are in the first person when delivered to her.

Performance Monologues


Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2016                                                                                          (worldwide connected performances) 

SAME DIFFERENCE: Equinox to Equinox                                                               A World Wide Day For Freedom And Democracy                                                   (One moment of equal night and day)
Organisational body: BBEYOND, Belfast
Date: 22 September
Performance: Peter Baren and Rose Akras
Location: Observation deck, A’DAM Tower, Amsterdam
Duration: 50 minutes
Camera/Edit: Peter Franken/ Weitblick Films